Monday, September 7, 2009

life in technicolor..

Ok, so this is my second post and this time im going to talk about a very interesting video we say on youtube called Social Media Revolution. This topic is quite controversial because of the variety of opinions people have about technology and the fact that it is expanding world wide at a suprisingly fast rate. Despite of how the citizens of the world view this revolution and their perspective, it is certainly undenaible the fact that computers are taking over our lives.

In my opinion, I agree with what this video is trying to show us, it uses excellent facts about this topic; every single thing you can imagine somehow is related to technology and it is definetly a plus. I see it as an advantage for us to make well use of it to grow as rational humans that we are. Technolgy has eased the research of plenty of new discoveries that have improved our lives, even saved them. The tendency of the human being is to look forward and improve in every possible aspect; try to find solutions and explanations that we sometimes are not able to define, this is why i beleive technology is an excellent tool. Even though there might be adverse opinions that do not show sympathy with the effecfs of this incredible revolution, it has definetly provided with more good than bad.

We use the computer everyday, and some other people's lives rely on it in various forms or colors. We think that we know how important technology has become to the world's population, but certainly this video puts it all together in a way that you would never imagined it was happening. It is amazing how the impact of this revolution has changed planet earth forever, and there's no going back.

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  1. Interesting thoughts. So the question is, how did we (human) ever survive without computers?