Tuesday, September 1, 2009

posting and blogging

Ok sooooo.. this is my first post on my new blog that I was recently introduced to by my compu teacher, and so we are expected to wonder about the functions of a blog and basically share it with the entire world :)

From what I know, and basically what everybody else knows, a blog is used to share information of ALMOST any kind. Internet in general is a quick and easy way to spread information and make it available to anybody, anywhere. To create your own blog is easier than creating an account on facebook for example, there's not much to it, you just have to go to Blogger.com and introduce your email adress and password, and finally pimp your profile up. Anyway... blogs can be used for various purposes, if you are a good writer that likes to write poems, you might as well publish them in a blog, or you could post research about a certain topic that could support some else's work, or even just sharing info about yourself, experiences, pictures etc.. to your friends (careful, could be dangerous.)
I pretend to use my blog for school purposes, if I have something I wanna share with my class, I will do so through this website; maybe posting up-to-date news, any thoughts I'd like the seniors to know, any complaints, or just fulfilling my task for computers class :D

Ps. To create our BlogList, we all posted our url's on facebook and copy-pasted them from there.

see ya around :) peace..


  1. Te quedo pkm tu nombre de colores
    see you around ;) peace and love