Friday, April 30, 2010

20 things I hate and like about facebook

1.when people tag you in random pictures just because they think you look alike
2.people taking “quizes” and telling everyone about it
3.stupid “hahaha” comments
4.invites to random groups
5.stupid facebook notification like “you have to update your email address”
6.changing the layout every so often
7.relationship gossip
8.stupid games like FARMVILLE, HATE THEEEEEM!
9.Random people that don't know you “introducing themselves” over facebook chat
10.notifications about EVERYTHING you've been tagged, or even “looked at” of girls on a bikini who think they're sexy and they're just 12 years old
12. people tagging you on "pictures" they just say "if you had one word to describe me, what would it be?"
13. the dislike button
14. the dangers of someone having access to info about your private life and manipulating it the wrong way
15. stupid applications
16. omg the five thousand mails they send you for every little insignificant detail
17. the ads on the side
18. it is addictive
19.  provides fast-travelling gossip, or also misundertandings. "where'd you here this from? am.. facebok."
20. my grandmother has facebook.......pretty self explanatory

1.birthday reminders
2.the fact that you can tag on a post
3.the “privacy” to a certain extent of Inbox
4.facebook chat for when you don't want to open up msn
5.the fact that you can find almost anyone and communicate with them
6.blocking people you don't want to hear about anymore
7.status updates
8.original groups
9. the fact that there is not a dislike button 
10. privacy setting
11. the fact that you can have someone as friend but not allow them to see aspects of your choice
12. fast access to comunication when talking personally becomes an issue
13. logging into facebook and knowign where people are without calling them
14. bumper steakers
15. music for fb
16. marking a picture as spam
17. event application, you learn about most of the parties going on aroung
18. mutual friends between you and someone who added you
19. i like the new layout
20. you save money from calling long distances with the internet

Sunday, April 25, 2010

air pollution

The most serious environmental problem facing earth today is air pollution. For many reasons, both our world and the human race are being tremendously damaged by this form of contamination. Air is our fuel to life and we cannot go on for more than a minute without it. The moment we run out of clean air to breathe, everyone inhabiting Earth is going to die. There will be no privileges or distinctions amongst the damaged, and neither money nor power is going to be able to save you. We must make ourselves believe that this is our only home, and by destroying it, we only destroy ourselves.

Pure, clean air is made up nitrogen, water vapor, oxygen and other harmless gasses. Our bodies and every other living organism’s require oxygen in order to function accordingly, so air pollution is doing nothing but condemning our chances of survival. Inhaling toxic gasses that should not end up in our system, will contaminate our body and kill it; same as will happen to our planet Earth if we don’t stop air pollution. Allowing certain chemicals or materials into our atmosphere deteriorate it and keep it from performing its natural tasks, which by the way, they ease our lives in number of ways that we don’t even think of.

Our dear atmosphere protects us from extra harmful UV light coming directly from the sun that would kill our skin and our eyes instantly. It also maintains an appropriate global temperature, and assures to keep it steady all year round. Without it, Earth wouldn’t even have the right conditions to embrace life. It protects us from objects from outer space like meteorites which hit our planet everyday without us noticing it. The gasses in our great atmosphere burn them and prevent them from causing major destruction to the surface we walk on all the time. These are just a few examples of the important role the atmosphere plays in our lives; just a little hint as to why we should consider not letting it die.

Smog, acid rain, holes in the ozone layer, and the greenhouse effect are amongst the common consequences of air pollution. Perhaps you have heard of the term “global warming.” How couldn’t you? It is a terminating disease and planet Earth is dying of it. All the drastic changes in the weather, meaning, places in the northern hemisphere like the U.S., Canada and all of Europe being immobilized for months by a single yet most powerful snow storm; earthquakes shaking up the homes of poor people in Haiti; Chile or China; huge ocean waves in Indonesia the raze everything along their way; melting ice caps in the North and South poles that are altering the current systems in the ocean and sea levels; wildfires consuming miles and miles of forest and tearing down houses carelessly; hurricanes drowning entire communities throughout the whole world and so on. Every tragedy caused by a natural force is related somehow to global warming, which is only one of the side effects of air pollution. Here are some major disasters familiar to us that derive from our irresponsible attitudes.

Now stop and think about it for a second? At this pace, how are we going to end up in a couple of years? Is this what you wish for the future generations? Would you like to be held responsible for such an atrocity? You may think you are one in billion, and that your actions don’t trigger reactions, but imagine 6 billion people triggering 6 billion reactions thinking they won’t make a difference… Governments should forget about wars and start spending money innovating solutions and educating people about this. Why? Simply because you don’t want your sons or grandchildren to suffer the consequences of your reckless and foolish actions. Take matter into your hands.

Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution

Air Pollution

Thursday, December 10, 2009


The new security measures that were released this week by the facebook staff are supposed to make this site a lot more private. The only difference is that now you can be more specific as to what sections of your information you want to share with whom, or don’t share at all. They were created for security means, so that users can be more confident about what they say and that their info is not going to fall into the wrong hands. I think these measures are great, especially because nowadays sharing personal information in the web is so dangerous and could be life-threatening. However, this doesn’t mean that we should not be careful at all because these measures don’t guarantee 100% security that your info will not be leaked to other unsecure sources. This will not affect I use facebook because I don’t publish very personal info anyway, so these measures are definitely a plus, but I’ll still be equally careful.

I’m aware of what’s been going on in facebook and the posting of quotes and videos from people at ASPV and I do not think that should be an issue. Nobody at any time has been rude to anyone from the staff or from the students. I’ve seen these quotes (I’m not sure of what videos they’re talking about) and all they do is make me laugh. If people would post a quote that I usually say, I wouldn’t be offended or affected by it because all they do is site my words and nothing else. It is not like they are making up lies about me, or referring to me in a rude way. Plagiarism? These quotes have nothing to do with plagiarism because the person who is posting them, is not claiming those words their own. The fact that people are not being noticed of these things is irrelevant. Facebook to begin with is private, if teachers and staff members are on facebook too that is no wrong, what I disagree with is the fact that they must be looking into our stuff (our profiles) to be aware of these things. I don’t see in wrong with facebook and especially because it harming no one. I guess it is quite obvious that I think the school should not interfere with facebook. If people are members, they decided to do so under their own risk (teachers, staff and students) school has nothing to do.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I’ve had access to computers since I was little, both in school and at home. I was fortunate enough to always have a computer at hand to do my homework or even just play around with it. How was it integrated into my education? Well, like I said, I’ve had computers classes every year since I was young, both on and out of campus because my parents and teachers thought technology should be an important part of our lives. Outside of school, I was given a cell phone to communicate with my parents, music devices because I love listening to it, dvd’s etc. etc. Technology has definitely been an essential part of my life in every aspect that I see it.

Projects that I remember during my time at aspv are typing master when we were in like 7th grade, excel, we learned how to add or subtract columns of numbers and all its devices, creating web pages with html format (I don’t know if that’s how it’s called, but literally writing out weird codes and symbols) or using Dreamweaver (which was actually easier just designing the web page) Photoshop (all Photoshop functions), and for now, that’s all I remember. I guess I remember them because they I actually enjoyed learning how to manipulate them and later on I was able to use my knowledge in my everyday life. Typing for example, now, I can type almost without any error and without seeing the keyboard because they taught me how to do it (it was annoying at the time tho).

It has been nice to have good efficient technology at school, however I do think that we should USE IT more, there’s no reason to have it there and not take advantage of it. What I’m saying is that teachers should integrate technology when are being taught, when we do projects or even conducting simple research. We have had the opportunity to do this, but the only thing that I recall is like three or four years ago, in geography class we had to do webpages! And I remember that because it was really fun and efficient when learning the info.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I survived to my first animation!

The first animation I ever did in my life was about a week ago on flash and it was a girl doing gymnastics on a balance beam. She did two back flips and at the end of the animation a bubble showed her score and then said "perfect score" (effect done by the shape twin). This assignment created a lot of chaos in the class because we were all surprised of how complicated this software was. I don't feel strong about my skills with flash at all, in fact I feel I barely survived  the assignment, obviously with tremendous amounts of help from the teacher and from another classmate who was the only who knew how to use flash perfectly. The thing was that the teacher could not attend to the million questions we all had, I mean, it was almost impossible for him to listen to 25 people's questions at the same time, neither did my other classmate, so the situation got out of control because we were all worried we were not going to make the deadline of the assignment. The problem is that we need more time to even learn the bases of flash, most of us have a really hard time with it and it because we don't know how to use it. 
Regardless of that problem, my animation turned out pretty well, I liked it, specially considering the fact that I had never done it before. For someone who's not an expert with flash, my product was significantly good. However, due to the circumstances, it was a little bit primitive, and if we ever get the chance to LEARN how to improve it, I would love to pimp it a little bit and make it look a bit more pro.   

Doing animations I discovered is fun, it was just that we didnt know how to use it on a basic level, I would definetly love to learn more about flash.

Monday, October 26, 2009

family tree

Last christmas we had our annual family renunion where we spend quality time with my whole family. Aunts, uncles and cousins came from all over Mexico gathered in my grandmother's house to have dinner and celebrate christmas holidays together. This is the only time during the year that I get to see all my cousins because they are unable to visit more often due to their parents jobs and their school, it is hard for them to travel. Regardless of that, last year we had the most awesome reunion ever; we danced, exchanged presents, we ate all kinds of mexican traditional dishes, we drank all night, shared experiences and we just bonded so perfectly it reminded myself how lucky I am for having such a great family. 

Monday, September 7, 2009

life in technicolor..

Ok, so this is my second post and this time im going to talk about a very interesting video we say on youtube called Social Media Revolution. This topic is quite controversial because of the variety of opinions people have about technology and the fact that it is expanding world wide at a suprisingly fast rate. Despite of how the citizens of the world view this revolution and their perspective, it is certainly undenaible the fact that computers are taking over our lives.

In my opinion, I agree with what this video is trying to show us, it uses excellent facts about this topic; every single thing you can imagine somehow is related to technology and it is definetly a plus. I see it as an advantage for us to make well use of it to grow as rational humans that we are. Technolgy has eased the research of plenty of new discoveries that have improved our lives, even saved them. The tendency of the human being is to look forward and improve in every possible aspect; try to find solutions and explanations that we sometimes are not able to define, this is why i beleive technology is an excellent tool. Even though there might be adverse opinions that do not show sympathy with the effecfs of this incredible revolution, it has definetly provided with more good than bad.

We use the computer everyday, and some other people's lives rely on it in various forms or colors. We think that we know how important technology has become to the world's population, but certainly this video puts it all together in a way that you would never imagined it was happening. It is amazing how the impact of this revolution has changed planet earth forever, and there's no going back.