Tuesday, November 3, 2009

I survived to my first animation!

The first animation I ever did in my life was about a week ago on flash and it was a girl doing gymnastics on a balance beam. She did two back flips and at the end of the animation a bubble showed her score and then said "perfect score" (effect done by the shape twin). This assignment created a lot of chaos in the class because we were all surprised of how complicated this software was. I don't feel strong about my skills with flash at all, in fact I feel I barely survived  the assignment, obviously with tremendous amounts of help from the teacher and from another classmate who was the only who knew how to use flash perfectly. The thing was that the teacher could not attend to the million questions we all had, I mean, it was almost impossible for him to listen to 25 people's questions at the same time, neither did my other classmate, so the situation got out of control because we were all worried we were not going to make the deadline of the assignment. The problem is that we need more time to even learn the bases of flash, most of us have a really hard time with it and it because we don't know how to use it. 
Regardless of that problem, my animation turned out pretty well, I liked it, specially considering the fact that I had never done it before. For someone who's not an expert with flash, my product was significantly good. However, due to the circumstances, it was a little bit primitive, and if we ever get the chance to LEARN how to improve it, I would love to pimp it a little bit and make it look a bit more pro.   

Doing animations I discovered is fun, it was just that we didnt know how to use it on a basic level, I would definetly love to learn more about flash.

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