Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I’ve had access to computers since I was little, both in school and at home. I was fortunate enough to always have a computer at hand to do my homework or even just play around with it. How was it integrated into my education? Well, like I said, I’ve had computers classes every year since I was young, both on and out of campus because my parents and teachers thought technology should be an important part of our lives. Outside of school, I was given a cell phone to communicate with my parents, music devices because I love listening to it, dvd’s etc. etc. Technology has definitely been an essential part of my life in every aspect that I see it.

Projects that I remember during my time at aspv are typing master when we were in like 7th grade, excel, we learned how to add or subtract columns of numbers and all its devices, creating web pages with html format (I don’t know if that’s how it’s called, but literally writing out weird codes and symbols) or using Dreamweaver (which was actually easier just designing the web page) Photoshop (all Photoshop functions), and for now, that’s all I remember. I guess I remember them because they I actually enjoyed learning how to manipulate them and later on I was able to use my knowledge in my everyday life. Typing for example, now, I can type almost without any error and without seeing the keyboard because they taught me how to do it (it was annoying at the time tho).

It has been nice to have good efficient technology at school, however I do think that we should USE IT more, there’s no reason to have it there and not take advantage of it. What I’m saying is that teachers should integrate technology when are being taught, when we do projects or even conducting simple research. We have had the opportunity to do this, but the only thing that I recall is like three or four years ago, in geography class we had to do webpages! And I remember that because it was really fun and efficient when learning the info.

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  1. appreciate your thoughts Sandra, and i agree with what you are saying