Friday, April 30, 2010

20 things I hate and like about facebook

1.when people tag you in random pictures just because they think you look alike
2.people taking “quizes” and telling everyone about it
3.stupid “hahaha” comments
4.invites to random groups
5.stupid facebook notification like “you have to update your email address”
6.changing the layout every so often
7.relationship gossip
8.stupid games like FARMVILLE, HATE THEEEEEM!
9.Random people that don't know you “introducing themselves” over facebook chat
10.notifications about EVERYTHING you've been tagged, or even “looked at” of girls on a bikini who think they're sexy and they're just 12 years old
12. people tagging you on "pictures" they just say "if you had one word to describe me, what would it be?"
13. the dislike button
14. the dangers of someone having access to info about your private life and manipulating it the wrong way
15. stupid applications
16. omg the five thousand mails they send you for every little insignificant detail
17. the ads on the side
18. it is addictive
19.  provides fast-travelling gossip, or also misundertandings. "where'd you here this from? am.. facebok."
20. my grandmother has facebook.......pretty self explanatory

1.birthday reminders
2.the fact that you can tag on a post
3.the “privacy” to a certain extent of Inbox
4.facebook chat for when you don't want to open up msn
5.the fact that you can find almost anyone and communicate with them
6.blocking people you don't want to hear about anymore
7.status updates
8.original groups
9. the fact that there is not a dislike button 
10. privacy setting
11. the fact that you can have someone as friend but not allow them to see aspects of your choice
12. fast access to comunication when talking personally becomes an issue
13. logging into facebook and knowign where people are without calling them
14. bumper steakers
15. music for fb
16. marking a picture as spam
17. event application, you learn about most of the parties going on aroung
18. mutual friends between you and someone who added you
19. i like the new layout
20. you save money from calling long distances with the internet

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