Sunday, April 25, 2010

air pollution

The most serious environmental problem facing earth today is air pollution. For many reasons, both our world and the human race are being tremendously damaged by this form of contamination. Air is our fuel to life and we cannot go on for more than a minute without it. The moment we run out of clean air to breathe, everyone inhabiting Earth is going to die. There will be no privileges or distinctions amongst the damaged, and neither money nor power is going to be able to save you. We must make ourselves believe that this is our only home, and by destroying it, we only destroy ourselves.

Pure, clean air is made up nitrogen, water vapor, oxygen and other harmless gasses. Our bodies and every other living organism’s require oxygen in order to function accordingly, so air pollution is doing nothing but condemning our chances of survival. Inhaling toxic gasses that should not end up in our system, will contaminate our body and kill it; same as will happen to our planet Earth if we don’t stop air pollution. Allowing certain chemicals or materials into our atmosphere deteriorate it and keep it from performing its natural tasks, which by the way, they ease our lives in number of ways that we don’t even think of.

Our dear atmosphere protects us from extra harmful UV light coming directly from the sun that would kill our skin and our eyes instantly. It also maintains an appropriate global temperature, and assures to keep it steady all year round. Without it, Earth wouldn’t even have the right conditions to embrace life. It protects us from objects from outer space like meteorites which hit our planet everyday without us noticing it. The gasses in our great atmosphere burn them and prevent them from causing major destruction to the surface we walk on all the time. These are just a few examples of the important role the atmosphere plays in our lives; just a little hint as to why we should consider not letting it die.

Smog, acid rain, holes in the ozone layer, and the greenhouse effect are amongst the common consequences of air pollution. Perhaps you have heard of the term “global warming.” How couldn’t you? It is a terminating disease and planet Earth is dying of it. All the drastic changes in the weather, meaning, places in the northern hemisphere like the U.S., Canada and all of Europe being immobilized for months by a single yet most powerful snow storm; earthquakes shaking up the homes of poor people in Haiti; Chile or China; huge ocean waves in Indonesia the raze everything along their way; melting ice caps in the North and South poles that are altering the current systems in the ocean and sea levels; wildfires consuming miles and miles of forest and tearing down houses carelessly; hurricanes drowning entire communities throughout the whole world and so on. Every tragedy caused by a natural force is related somehow to global warming, which is only one of the side effects of air pollution. Here are some major disasters familiar to us that derive from our irresponsible attitudes.

Now stop and think about it for a second? At this pace, how are we going to end up in a couple of years? Is this what you wish for the future generations? Would you like to be held responsible for such an atrocity? You may think you are one in billion, and that your actions don’t trigger reactions, but imagine 6 billion people triggering 6 billion reactions thinking they won’t make a difference… Governments should forget about wars and start spending money innovating solutions and educating people about this. Why? Simply because you don’t want your sons or grandchildren to suffer the consequences of your reckless and foolish actions. Take matter into your hands.

Indoor and Outdoor Air Pollution

Air Pollution

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