Thursday, December 10, 2009


The new security measures that were released this week by the facebook staff are supposed to make this site a lot more private. The only difference is that now you can be more specific as to what sections of your information you want to share with whom, or don’t share at all. They were created for security means, so that users can be more confident about what they say and that their info is not going to fall into the wrong hands. I think these measures are great, especially because nowadays sharing personal information in the web is so dangerous and could be life-threatening. However, this doesn’t mean that we should not be careful at all because these measures don’t guarantee 100% security that your info will not be leaked to other unsecure sources. This will not affect I use facebook because I don’t publish very personal info anyway, so these measures are definitely a plus, but I’ll still be equally careful.

I’m aware of what’s been going on in facebook and the posting of quotes and videos from people at ASPV and I do not think that should be an issue. Nobody at any time has been rude to anyone from the staff or from the students. I’ve seen these quotes (I’m not sure of what videos they’re talking about) and all they do is make me laugh. If people would post a quote that I usually say, I wouldn’t be offended or affected by it because all they do is site my words and nothing else. It is not like they are making up lies about me, or referring to me in a rude way. Plagiarism? These quotes have nothing to do with plagiarism because the person who is posting them, is not claiming those words their own. The fact that people are not being noticed of these things is irrelevant. Facebook to begin with is private, if teachers and staff members are on facebook too that is no wrong, what I disagree with is the fact that they must be looking into our stuff (our profiles) to be aware of these things. I don’t see in wrong with facebook and especially because it harming no one. I guess it is quite obvious that I think the school should not interfere with facebook. If people are members, they decided to do so under their own risk (teachers, staff and students) school has nothing to do.

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  1. Interesting and quality post Sandra. Question, do the new fb security measures actually make it EASIER for people to share status updates, pics, etc. with "EVERYONE" or harder? I agree with your last statement but also have a responsibility to act if what people are doing in an online setting is effecting how (and if) people can be at school - lots of grey area and we are all still figuring it out.